New year resolution, 2018

It’s a new year. How time flies and here we are. In 2017, fulfilled several wishes but left behind frustrations and disappointments that I could not forgive myself.

I hope, no, hope is not enough, I will need a salvation. For my career and for myself.

2018, be a better me.

12/1 – 12/3 New York, Washington D.C

NYC, WAS 两个再熟悉不过的代码,从刚来美国就惦记着,但是过去要横跨整个美国,西部到东部。飞机都要大约6个小时,花费也不少,内心多少还是有些犹豫。当机票价格飞涨,才明白自己错过了感恩节的4天假期档期。这两天想想,12月初的机票价格也算可以接受,两天时间赶了点,但也算是个圆满。

Day 1: New York

  • 中央公园 Central Park
  • 自由女神 Statue of Liberity
  • 帝国大厦 Empire State building
  • 世界贸易中心 One World Trade Center
  • 911 纪念馆  National September 11 Memorial & Museum
  • 大都会博物馆 Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • 时代广场 Times Square
  • 圣帕特里克大教堂 St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • 华尔街 Wall Street

Day 2: Washinton D.C

  • Capitol Hill
  • Library of Congress
  • Whitehouse vistor center
  • National mall
  • Lincon memorial
  • Jefferson memorial
  • National Gallery of Art
  • Nation Air and Space museum

We are human

It is believed that psychology can help people have a better understanding of human natures. For the first time, I know the ideal me and the real me.

I said I need nothing from you. you don’t need to make a change for me. Actually, that’s not true, we all have needs, and an unchecked need is more dangerous than an explicit demand.

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