Gitlab 上nginx反向代理







CentOS 7 上新建通过HTTPS访问的Git Server

1. 安装Fastcgiwrap


vi /etc/init.d/fcgiwrap

start fcgiwrap



restart nginx

git clone









Organizational Behavior 15th edition, Chapter 1 What is Organizational behavior


Effective versus Successful Managerial Activities

Fred Luthans and his associates looked at what managers do from a somewhat different perspective. 9 They asked, “Do managers who move up the quickest in an organization do the same activities and with the same emphasis as managers who do the best job?” You might think the answer is yes, but that’s not always the case.
Luthans and his associates studied more than 450 managers. All engaged in
four managerial activities:

1. Traditional management. Decision making, planning, and controlling.
2. Communication. Exchanging routine information and processing paperwork.
3. Human resource management. Motivating, disciplining, managing conflict, staffing, and training.
4. Networking. Socializing, politicking, and interacting with outsiders.

allocation of activites by time

The “average” manager spent 32 percent of his or her time in traditional management activities, 29 percent communicating, 20 percent in human resource management activities, and 19 percent networking. However, the time and effort different individual managers spent on those activities varied a great deal. As shown in Exhibit 1-2 , among managers who were successful (defined in terms of speed of promotion within their organization), networking madethe largest relative contribution to success, and human resource management activities made the least relative contribution. Among effective managers (defined in terms of quantity and quality of their performance and the satisfaction and commitment of employees), communication made the largest relative contribution and networking the least. More recent studies in Australia,Israel, Italy, Japan, and the United States confirm the link between networking and social relationships and success within an organization. 10 And the connection between communication and effective managers is also clear. A study of 410 U.S. managers indicates those who seek information from colleagues and employees—even if it’s negative—and who explain their decisions are the most effective. 11

This research offers important insights. Successful managers give almost the opposite emphases to traditional management, communication, human resource management, and networking as do effective managers. This finding challenges the historical assumption that promotions are based on performance, and it illustrates the importance of networking and political skills in getting ahead in organizations.



这个博客搬家了好多次。今天有从Linode搬到了HOSTUS,开了几次PPTP的VPN,然后貌似被GFW盯上了,狂丢包,找Linode申请换了IP,是好了,但是想想Linode 10刀一个月,是有点贵。索性就换到了HOSTUS的HK节点。速度也不错。配置也够用,关键还比价便宜,35刀一年。装了shadowsocks,翻墙速度还不错。就不装PPTP vpn了,HOSTUS有个不好的是不给换IP,给GFW盯上就废了。


  • Nginx升级到了1.9.7
  • 全站强制SSL
  • 支持 HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security)
  • 支持 Certificate Transparency
  • 支持OCSP Stapling(Online Certificate Status Protocol)
  • 启用了HTTP 2.0,也兼容HTTP 1.1
  • 去掉对不安全SSL协议和Cipher的支持
  • PHP升级到5.6.15
  • 启用了Xcache
  • 免费SSL证书提供商从 换到了
  • DNS Server从dnspod换回了Godaddy
  • WordPress上用Updraftplus 每日将数据备份到Google Drive